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Customer Appreciation 2013

Customers gather together to celebrate the transportation victories over the previous year’s challenges at the BMW Performance Center Track in Greer SC.

Company History and Philosophy

DTS is a business who has grown through strong relationships with our customers, employees and vendors.  We believe that if we are more profitable by retaining our accounts, and growing through referrals and word of mouth, rather than hiring a large sales staff, with 50% customer turnover each year the salesman over promised and under delivered to get the deal.

We believe that we work better with those that like us and that we like to work with, in essence, we are friend with our customers.  We truly enjoy helping solve problems together, then celebrating the wins together.  We have had never lost a “Friend” to a competitor because with this type of relationship, we can always find solutions.  We believe in treating people right.  Our core values in our business culture are based on a decision tree of, “Can we do this, Safely, Legally, Ethically, Morally, and last but not least Profitably”.

This decision tree has allowed us to grow profitably year over year for over 10 years. 
Here are some of our friends pictured here who came to Greenville from all areas of the country to celebrate some of the wins of the past year at the BMW Performance Center. 

We take a consultative approach to each customer. Although “trucks are trucks”, customer products and services are all different. Moving perishable products such as bread, ice, or newspaper, is very different than recyclables, lumber, or liquid. Therefore the transportation solutions will be varied to meet the individual customer’s requirements and goals read more
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