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The mission of Dedicated Transportation Solutions is to profitably provide the most efficient and effective transportation alternative for our customers, while meeting all federal, state, and local laws.

Technology Solutions


Integrated Information Exchange

  • Information is passed systematically and electronically from the customer, to iiE, then pushed out to the truck and driver through the on board computer and satellite system. The information is then available on the mobile display terminal in the truck detailing load information, route, contact information and any particular details related to the specific delivery.
  • As the driver completes his route, satellite technology captures and sends data minute by minute from the engine, GPS location and driver, with speeds, time stamps, route traveled, fuel consumption, idle times, hard starts/stops and delivery information. Hard documentation such as Proof of delivery and Bills of lading are imaged into the system on the first fueling after the delivery allowing DTS customers to more quickly complete their order and bill their customer improving cash flow.
  • This information is stored on DTS servers where real time alerts are sent if exceptions occur to instantly correct behavior before it becomes a costly problem. Customers can also get images of documents for their accounting and billing purposes. This information is also utilized by our accounting software, (Great Plains), to develop any number of customer cost metrics that are important.
  • Management reports can be manually run, or set to run automatically on literally thousands of preset reports or customized for specific items.
We take a consultative approach to each customer. Although “trucks are trucks”, customer products and services are all different. Moving perishable products such as bread, ice, or newspaper, is very different than recyclables, lumber, or liquid. Therefore the transportation solutions will be varied to meet the individual customer’s requirements and goals read more
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