Top Reasons For Outsourcing

Mission Statement

The mission of Dedicated Transportation Solutions is to profitably provide the most efficient and effective transportation alternative for our customers, while meeting all federal, state, and local laws.

Focus on Core Competencies

Allows a company to concentrate on growing and improving their core business and not be distracted by dealing with distribution issues. (Drivers,Trucks, fuel cost, Insurance etc.) DTS eliminates the need to manage multiple cost centers and vendors, including equipment bills from leasing and maintenance companies, fuel purchases, driver leasing companies, Payroll companies, drug and Alcohol testing labs, Equipment insurance policies, benefits for associated drivers to mention a few. DTS provides a complete turnkey operation and the customer receives one bill each week for the service.

Cost Savings and Revenue generation

Reduction in overall costs as a result of route management, proper fleeting and utilization of truck and driver. DTS will provide on board computers with satellite tracking capabilities that provide the shortest route directions to the driver, and provide information about the truck and driver on speed, MPG, idle time, harsh braking and starting incidents, detention at stops. With this technology, we are able to monitor the truck and driver from our internet based tracking system providing literally minute by minute updates allowing DTS to reduce accident potential, improve MPG, reduce unnecessary miles, and through the use of our in-house brokerage generate revenue by filling the truck on the return trip home.

Regulatory Compliance Issues

Reduction in time spent and potential DOT fines and Audit exposure regarding regulatory compliance issues such as Department of Transportation, Driver Hours of Service, Drug and Alcohol testing including Chain of Custody, Log Audits, and maintaining company CSA scores.

Elimination of Liability Exposure

Even though the truck and driver still have your company logo and uniform, the equipment is no longer owned or leased by you. And the driver no longer works for you. Should an accident of any kind, happen, DTS is the liable party, not the customer. Elimination of Insurance liability and workers compensation exposure.

Human resource benefits

Elimination of driver recruiting, driver file maintenance, hiring, disciplinary issues, drug testing etc. Reduce a high cost workers compensation area of truck driver. No need to manage health and medical benefits, 401K programs and life insurance. All provided by DTS.

Improve control of fleet operations

You are not limited to only your 10 trucks and drivers. DTS can provide additional trucks and drivers to meet peak needs, daily, weekly, or for a peak season. You are not held hostage by your divers knowing you do not have an alternative , and have to staff with spare truck and driver just in case of a sickness. DTS will cross train other drivers to deliver your product so there will not be an issue if someone calls in sick. DTS will provide a replacement driver for vacations and unexpected illness allowing the customer to confidently commit to product deliveries. We have 24/7 dispatch office staffing monitoring that the drivers start on time to assure deliveries are made on time. If a driver does not leave on time, we know it before it becomes a problem and arrangements are made with other drivers to make the delivery. Most private fleets don’t know there is a problem until the customer calls and ask “where is my load?”

Management Reporting

Real time data is available to report to customers on time delivery statistics, detention time, load frequency, number of deliveries, transit time, ect.

Increased reporting and visibility of the fleet through the use of internet based, real time satellite tracking technology interfaced with in-house data management programs.

The board has met!

As President and Chairman of the board, decisions are made quickly and effectively without the need to wait for others approval.
We take a consultative approach to each customer. Although “trucks are trucks”, customer products and services are all different. Moving perishable products such as bread, ice, or newspaper, is very different than recyclables, lumber, or liquid. Therefore the transportation solutions will be varied to meet the individual customer’s requirements and goals read more
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